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Distributor - Sri Lanka

USA / Italy / Australia / India

Liebert, is the world leader in providing total solutions in power systems, precision cooling and monitoring. The Liebert Adaptive Architecture(tm) creates a power and cooling infrastructure for IT systems that can meet the highest availability requirements, enhance operating flexibility and reduce cost of ownership.

Precision Air Conditioning - Liebert

Chilled Water - Room Cooling Units

(Libert precision control AirConditioning for Computer Rooms,Technological Facilities & Telecommunication)

The range consists of 15 cooling capacity sizes, from 6 to 160 kW.Generous sized heat exchangers.


Libert HIROSS HIPW - Telecom Mobile Units

Liebert Hiross HPW (High Performance Wallmount) is our outdoor package cooling system.


Libert Hiross HPCW Range - Chillers

With a capacity range between 280-1200kW, Liebert Hiross HPC W range is the High Efficiency watercooled chiller from Emerson Network Power.


The UCS 24x7 PAC - Precision Air Conditioning

The High Performance UCS 24x7 unit is ideally suited to the cooling of many important installations including:

  • Critical Server Rooms
  • Telecommunication Facilities
  • Industrial Process Control Rooms
  • Broadcast Facilities
  • Building Services Control Rooms
  • Surveillance & Monitoring Centres
  • Medical Equipment Installations

Liebert XDC - Adaptive Cooling and Power Architecture

A Coolant Chiller Designed For Direct System Configurations.


Temperzone is the largest Australasian manufacturer of air conditioning equipment, with manufacturing plants in Sydney and Auckland. Temperzone is the leading commercial air conditioning manufacturer for the Australian and New Zealand markets and also exports into Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China.
Temperzone has been manufacturing air conditioning equipment for over 50 years.

Comfort Air Conditioning - Temperzone

Cassette Split Systems - FDTN/FDC Series

Air-Cooled Heating & Cooling Air Conditioners

Reverse Cycle
Nominal Cooling: 5.0 kW - 13.3 kW
Nominal Heating: 5.4 kW - 14.0 kW
Four complete systems


Ducted Packaged Rooftop Units - OPA Series

Air-Cooled Heating & Cooling Air Conditioners

Reverse Cycle or Cooling Only
Nominal Cooling: 10 kW-92 kW
Nominal Heating: 10 kW-92 kW
14 models


Ducted Split Systems - ISDL/ISD/WCS Series

Water Sourced Heating & Cooling Air Conditioners

Reverse Cycle or Cooling Only
Nominal Cooling: 3.2 kW - 17.7 kW
Nominal Air Flow: 175 l/s - 1045 l/s
Ten complete systems


Ducted Fan Coil Units - IMDL/IMD Series - Chilled Water Air Conditioners

Cooling or Heating with optional electric
heat Nominal Air Flow: 145 l/s - 2340 l/s
Eleven base units with various configurations.


Ducted Packaged Units - HWP Series

Reverse Cycle or Cooling Only
Nominal Cooling: 3.3 kW-43.5 kW
Nominal Heating: 3.5 kW-46.5 kW
Sixteen models


Authorised Representative - Sri Lanka

Hitachi develops and supplies an extensive range of highly efficient and reliable power generation systems throughout the world.

Quality Air Conditioning - Hitachi

Split System Air Conditioning Unit

The Summit range is an DC inverter PAM driven heat pump system operating with R410a and available with wall mounted indoor units giving 2.0Kw, 3.5Kw, 3.5Kw or 5.0Kw cooling (nominal)capacities.


Packaged Air Conditioners

Air Cooled Vertical Free Standing
Air Cooled Split Ducted
Self Contained Roof Top
Water Cooled Floor Standing

  • 15 to 90kW (5-30hp)
  • 19 to 57kW (8-20hp)
  • 14 to 86kW (5-30hp)
  • 9.3 to 376kW (3-12hp)

RYOWO is pioneer and manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) cooling towers in Hong Kong. Over the last four decades, RYOWO offer a full range of product lines in FRP, stainless steel and galvanized steel water-cooling towers

Cooling Towers - Ryowo

FT Counterflow Vertical Discharge


FC Crossflow Double Inlet Vertical Discharge


FR Crossflow Single Inlet Horizontal Discharge


FRS Cross Flow Single Inlet Horizontal Discharge


FW Crossflow Double Inlet Vertical Discharge


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